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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Growth of Start-up Visa Program Continues

Start-up Visa Program is inspiring to more immigrant entrepreneurs to settle in Canada and it is beneficial as it spreads opportunity and growth in the middle-class families across the nation. By the end of the mid 2016, 51 business personalities have become permanent residents of the Canada and the figures are increasing.

Start-up Visa Program Continues

It is believed that the Start-up Program was started slowly but has picked a steady way of progress. In addition, every start-up established in Canada has the potential to offer new jobs and more economic prospects to Canadians that contribute in the country’s diversity and growth.

As soon as entrepreneurs establish their company, they can apply for permanent residence as this five-year pilot program allows them to with the support of a designated Canadian entity. Also it includes a number of industries like food product manufacturing, banking, education, human resource, science and technology and so on.

The business immigration program continues to draw successful applicants from all over the world that involves a diverse range of countries such as India, China, Australia, South Africa, Iran, Egypt etc.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Different options for Canada Business immigration Programs

Through Canada business immigration programs, Canada aims to attract more applicants who are interested in owning or expanding their business or making an investment into the Canadian business. Canadian government is offering such business immigration programs to make a contribution into their economy.

With Canada business immigration programs, the interested applicants can immigrate to Canada along with his/her family members as permanent residents. Depending upon the amount of funds you acquire, you have different business immigration programs in option.

Canada Business Visa Consultation
Investor Immigration
Depending upon the net worth and investment amount you are planning to invest into the Canadian business, you have three enticing options: Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Quebec Investor Program and Manitoba Business Investor Stream. With required managerial and business skills along with the language proficiency, you can apply for the investor immigration program and immigrate to Canada along with your family.

Entrepreneur Immigration
With Canada Entrepreneur Immigration program, aspiring applicants who wish to expand or start up their own business in Canada can move to Canada as permanent residents along with their family members. With different options such as Start-up Visa program, Quebec Entrepreneur Program and British Columbia Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Program, applicants with the required net worth and funds to settle in Canada can apply for.

Self Employed Immigration
Under the Self Employed Immigration program, the self-employed applicants such as librarians, journalists, interior designers or involved into agricultural field qualify of the self-employed immigration program. Applicants with the required years of experience and investment funds can apply under two different options Federal Self-Employed Persons Program and Quebec Self-Employed Category.

Entrepreneur Start-up Visa
Under the Entrepreneur Start-up visa program, the applicant needs to make the investment of atleast $200,000 if coming from a designated Canadian venture capital fund or else atleast $75,000 if coming from an angel investor group. In this program, the applicant needs not to invest his/her money, moreover, if their start-up business ends unsuccessful then also the permanent resident status will be maintained.

Provincial Nomination
If applicants are interested to make a business investment and settle down in any of the Canadian provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, etc. then they can opt for the different business immigration programs introduced by the Canadian provinces of their own. To qualify for the provincial nominee business immigration program, the candidates need to meet certain criteria such as minimum net worth, investment amount, experience, etc. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Canada among the Best Countries in the World for doing Business

Canada is known as the best country for business among the other G-20 countries. This isn’t just a statement. The Forbes annual list of “The Best countries for Business” has ranked Canada first among 144 countries on the basis of 11 criteria’s.

canada business visa consultant

Canada being a multicultural country with high tech industrial sectors and rewarding opportunities for the immigrants to offer has made immigrants to relocate to Canada with the aim of expanding their business, starting up a business or investing into a Canadian business. With the scope of making an investment leads the immigrants and their families to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of the Canadian lifestyle.

When it comes to providing education to the children, Canada is known for its high quality and excellent education system. The Canadian education system is enriched with world class experience with enables the student to rewarding employment opportunities in the competitive employment industry. These variables have lured international students as well as entrepreneurs/investors with children to take on the immigration process. As per the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index, Canada remains competitive with its health, education and labour market.

Canada offers free healthcare and medical services to its citizens along with top class transportation facilities, low business costs, sound banking system etc. Canada’s workforce is also the most highly educated. With plenty of benefits to offer, Canada has become a top notch destination for immigrants of all kinds. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Canadian Start-Up Visa Investor Program

Inorder to attract new age entrepreneurs and businessmen to Canada, the Canadian government has come up with startup visa investor program which issues the eligible entrepreneurs/businessmen and investors with Canadian permanent residency status.

startup visa investor program

To qualify for the Canadian start up visa investor program, initially, you must make out a best investment plan and then you get to make an exploratory visit to the country to meet the potential businesses and avail the knowledge of their business operational process. Once you return to your home country and make the final decision, then your paperwork for the immigration procedure will be taken forward and your investment funds will be transferred into a secured Canadian account. After the funds are transferred and your family visa application is approved, you get to work within the business in Canada in which you have invested. Within six months, you and your family moves to Canada as permanent residents and enjoy all the benefits of a Canadian lifestyle.

Moreover, to qualify for the startup visa investor program, you must have the required qualifications, business background or managerial experience, language requirement, security and medical clearances etc. But still, the start-up investor visa program is the fastest immigration program in Canada which enables the investors and entrepreneurs to move to Canada with their family as permanent residents. Even if the project fails, the investors need to worry as their permanent residency status will continue.

It’s claimed that the start-up visa program is gaining popularity among the start-up companies in Canada. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things You Must Consider Before Beginning Your Business in Canada

Canada is a dynamic and prosperous country and is attracting many immigrants to immigrant. Many entrepreneurs are looking forward to expand or commence their own business in Canada. Before starting your business, you need to consider few key points. 

With dynamic and prosperous country like Canada, many people are coming forward to invest in Canadian business or expand their own business in Canada. According to Forbes and Bloomberg, Canada is among the best G-20 countries for commencing business.

canada business visa consultant

Before commencing your business in Canada, you should take different options into consideration such as:

1)  Collect all necessary information regarding the different requirements and procedures            to be undertaken inorder to commence a business in Canada.

2)  You must calculate the different benefits and losses you might encounter while starting          your own business in Canada.

3)   When you decide to start your business, you undergone many research and critical                   thinking to develop innovative ideas which will work in the Canadian market as well as            earn you profit.

4)  Conduct market research with regards to your product or services, competitive analysis,        demand of customers etc. in the Canadian market.

5)  Accordingly, decide which form of business who would like to choose for your business          plan such as sole proprietorship, partnership etc.

A proper research work will enable you to start up your own business and also eliminate the chances of failure to great extent. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Canada’s Real Estate Market in 2016

It might be blooming in Canada’s oil and gas sector but the real estate market in Canada seems unaffected. According to Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) prediction, the prices of house in Canada are expected to rise by 10% and this is one of the biggest factors that will be affecting the Canada’s real estate market in 2016 as well.

Canada’s Real Estate Market in 2016

TREB claims that the condition of real estate market in 2016 should be considered by many of the investors who are thinking about making an investment into Canada’s real estate market. Currently, the oil prices are at its low and many of the workers have been laid off as the Canadian oil and gas production companies are witnessing a downhill slide. But still the energy and real estate sector in Canada is in good shape. Though the real estate market in British Columbia is soaring following the rising prices in Vancouver. Even people living in Vancouver are moving out of the city following the rising real estate cost. Accordingly, it has become more affordable for new home buyers as the mortgage rates are increasing. As long as the real estate market is high, demand for rental homes across the country will also remain high. Those who own a house in Canada seems to welcome more of foreign investment as their property is valued high.

As a sigh of relief for the people, the federal government in Canada has increased the minimum insurable down payment required to mortgage a home over $500,000. Currently, we can see that even the wealthy people are also making investment in the real estate sector. A recent provincial budget included a property transfer tax exemption for new home buyers for the homes that are priced upto $750,000. Tax exemption will come as an advantage to certain provinces where the demand for housing is much low and also for the home builders.

Basically, the prediction for the Canadian real estate market in 2016 comes as boost for investors who are looking to make a real estate investment.

Friday, February 19, 2016

More Investment Opportunities in Canada’s Agricultural Industry

Canada is a land of opportunity for all. With Prince Edward Island signing a MOU with Canadian Nectar Products (CNP) and agricultural industry in Canada relishing a financial boost, more foreign investors are lured to settle in Canada and join the farming business.

Today farmers are the biggest businessperson as well as the marketing agents. Such skills are majorly required in the current Canadian agricultural industry. It is expected that by 2022, approximately 73,000 jobs will be created in the agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture industries in Canada. 

With Prince Edward Island signing a MOU with Canadian Nectar Products (CNP), more foreign investors are lured to settle in Canada and join the farming business. The leading industries in Prince Edward Island are agriculture along with fisheries, aerospace, biosciences, marine technology etc. Also Prince Edward Island is also known as the food island of Canada. Canada is a land of opportunity for all. Moreover, the pulse industry in Canada is relishing a financial boost. With crop prices rising high, more number of farmers is opting to grow more pulses hoping the demand for pulses to grow. The Prince Edward Island is also the leading province among the other Canadian provinces for growth in export, manufacturing, income and economy. 

With the agricultural industry in Canada growing exponentially, more and more farmers are indulging into the growing more agriculture. Canada is a big exporter of pulses to countries such as China, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and even India. The GDP of Prince Edward Island is 80% more than the average of Canada but approximately 20% of GDP comes from export whereas Saskatchewan is a huge exporter of peas, lentils and chickpeas. In 2015, Saskatchewan exported around $2.5 billion worth of lentils. 

Canada is one of the world’s largest agriculture producers as well as exporters. Canada’s self-employed persons program enables applicant with relevant agricultural experience to move to Canada. Applicant interested in purchasing a farm or joining a farming business, should have atleast two years’ experience in the profession along with being assessed based on education, experience, age, language ability etc.



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